With the new 6-strike law in place, ISPs are literally tracking everything you do on the internet to try to stop piracy. With a good, free VPN service that doesn't keep logs, you can avoid this and torrent without worry.
Read about how VPN works in this post on the Tech Info blog.
1) OpenVPN is going to be used in this tutorial because it is impossible for your ISP to get into it. Because of this, you have to download tunnelblick from here. You also need to download and unzip this file.

2) Install tunnelblick by mountain the .dmg and double clicking on it. When asked if you have the configuration files, quit the application.

3) Double click on the other file you downloaded (OpenVPN Configuration.tblk) and tunnelblick should open and set it up. Choose "Only me" when asked who to install it for.

4) To connect to VPN, click on the tunnelblick icon on the right side of your menu bar and hit, "Connect OpenVPN Configuration". You will have to quit and reopen all open web browsers for it to completely connect. To test to see if VPN works, go to http://whatismyipaddress.com and make sure the location is incorrect.
**EVERY time you want to use VPN you have to open tunnelblick and connect to VPN. Your web browser will not be fully protected until you quit and reopen it**

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