Don't let jailbreakers have all the fun. Get any app (even if it is not approved by Apple) for a $8 per year fee, and keep them forever.
1) Find your UDID by going to
2) Go to and choose the Premium option. Your UDID needs to be registered so you can sign apps and trick your iPhone into accepting them.
3) When you get the email from udidregistrations, download the attachments and expand the archive.
4) Double click on the Certificates.p12 file to add it to keychain access, and use 123456 as the password
5) Email the .mobileprovision file to yourself, then open that file on your iOS device and install it.
6) Download Instasign from and open it. Open it, keep the settings how they are, and then select the certificate file you installed in the "Certificate Name" section (It may have a random person's name in the certificate).
7) Go to a site like or google the ipa file for the app you want. This includes some emulators.
8) Once the ipa file is downloaded, drag it onto the instasign window and click the "Instasign" button. The new ipa should be saved in a new folder called "InstaSign Apps" on your desktop.
9) Finally, double click on the ipa file inside the instasign apps folder and it should open iTunes. Sync your iOS device with iTunes and the app should be installed.

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